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My toolshed can get a little messy

Some handy websites, books and other “tools” on work, relationships and transition


A Future that Works, a great site on workplace health with access to resources

Called to Business, a values based approach to work from a Christian perspective

Center for Faith and Work, set up originally as a ministry of a New York city church

Creating healthy workplaces for employees to thrive, a study by McCrindles Research

City Bible Forum, explores life, faith and culture from a Christian perspective. They also hold helpful transitions’ groups for people between work.

Every Good Endeavour by Tim Keller, a Christian pastor looks at why work matters

How’s work by Esther Perel, a therapist who has taken her work into the workplace

Jobsearchhelp4u, a helpful site for job seekers, which offers services such as resume writing and interview preparation at no cost.

The Pinstriped Prison by Lisa Pryor, asks the question about how overachievers get caught up in careers that they hate

Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family by Anne-Marie Slaughter, important book on why creating workplace equity for women needs rethinking the roles of men, care-giving and careerism

WorkLife by Adam Grant, a great podcast on all matters to do with the workplace

Workship, seeks to bridge the gap between the world of faith expression and work

transition and life

Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson, combines knowledge of neuroscience with practices of Christian spirituality to answer questions related to change and healthy relationships

Lost in the Middle by Paul Tripp, a great book from a Christian perspective on coming to terms with middle age

Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell, really interesting podcast series on all manner of things; great to stimulate your thinking about how we perceive our stories

Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges, classic book dealing with endings, middles and beginnings

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