why “don’t write us off”?

I created don’t write us off to help people understand and re-frame seasons of change, especially in their work and relationships. I believe a great way to do this is through stories. If you are going through a season of change or transition, where you sense one chapter is ending and another beginning, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch by completing the form below.

where to start

If you’re new to the site, you might like to start with my first blog, becoming a statistic, which is where it all started. I follow my progress with anticipation, deconstructing it so far and the next stop. That tells you a little bit more about my journey.

You might like to look at someone else’s story, so the best place to go is to the People page and scroll through. Some stories have been written to protect the identity of the person, simply because they share some sensitive matters. My intention is to tell their story in an unvarnished way – its about their experiences, feelings and reflections. You may not agree with them, but hopefully you may pick up some things that resonate with you as you reflect on your own life as it is or has been.

about Gabriel

I have worked for charities and community organisations most of my life, the past 20 or so years in leadership. I have qualifications in communications, management and counselling. My loves are my family, friends, people in general, reading, learning and walking. My worldview is Christian, and my hope is that the suffering and strife afflicting our world will one day come to an end. This is the hope that motivates me.


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